DOGPAW Membership

Why should I become a member of DOGPAW?


As a member of DOGPAW, you’re dog park membership is doing something important that makes a difference in the quality of life for dogs!!

All the money DOGPAW collects goes to develop, maintain, and manage the Clark County off-leash dog parks. We try to get as much assistance through volunteers and donations as we possibly can. In fact, the Board of Directors consists of volunteers from the DOGPAW membership at large.

The cost to set up a new park which includes fencing, kiosks, other internal furnishings runs approx $10K, and that is assuming all the labor comes from our volunteers.

There are many expenses in the ongoing operation of our off leash dog parks:

  • Insurance is $1.5K per year.
  • We spend about $2K per site for waste removal each year.
  • It takes approx $3K in maintenance costs per site per year, which includes mowing, fence/gate repairs, mulch, etc…
  • It takes at least $1.2K for mailing, copying, printing, and various supplies to operate DOGPAW for a year, depending on how many events we do.

We work to get as many services donated as possible. Yet you can see our income is quickly depleted, with development and maintenance of new and existing parks. We now have five dog parks and our expenses have gone up too!

Our dog park membership tolls entice community leaders to support Clark County off-leash dog parks!

Thanks to the support of our members, without whom there would be no Clark County off-leash dog parks!


Membership is open to any resident of Clark County or neighboring community that supports the DOGPAW mission statement. Continuing membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues and being in good standing with DOGPAW.

Want to become a member of DOGPAW or renew a current membership?

  1. Postal: Download the membership form fill it out and mail it to us with your check.
  2. Online: Use a credit card, bank account, or PayPal account by going to the Sign Up Page
  • One-Year Membership = $25

Note: If you can, please give more than the standard membership contribution. DOGPAW is entirely funded by your donations . Your donation funds regular pick up of dog waste, mowing, all maintenance and materials for new and existing parks, and other operating expenses.

Your donation is tax deductible! We will e-mail you a receipt for tax purposes.


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